BrightID update February 2023

BrightID update

BrightID's founder, Adam Stallard, will be speaking at ETHDenver about Aura, the new verification method for BrightID. We had an interesting Ask Me Anything (AMA) session about the BrightID Discord bot. Speaking of Discord, we also introduced "Praise" on our BrightID Discord channel this month.

BrightID at ETHDenver & ETHDubai

If you happen to be attending ETHDenver, make sure you check out Adam’s talk titled "Aura + BrightID: the power of unique humanity." During the talk, he will showcase all the ins and outs of Aura and how it works. The verification method uses motivated and equipped sybil hunters to vet each other and guide regular users towards becoming verified as a unique human being.

Not in Denver for the event? No worries! You can try to arrange a meetup with Yazdani in Dubai two weeks later. He can tell you all about BrightID and, in particular, the Unitap app that he is developing on it.

BrightID Discord Bot

In an interesting AMA, Victor talked about the BrightID Discord bot. In short, it empowers your Discord server with sybil resistance. The bot manages various Discord roles allocated to different BrightID verifications in your server. Basically, once added, the bot unlocks the "Human" class in your guild. Once you know that only real humans can post in a channel, this opens up some nice possibilities.

One such possibility is voting. Song-A-DAO uses the BrightID Discord Bot instead of Snapshot to run voting on their server. It gives them less voting overhead as it directly integrates with their existing Discord community.

Ethstaker used BrightID in their server to verify that Discord accounts that ran nodes were coming from humans.

SHE uses BrightID to gate their SourceCred Contribution Graph. This ensures their weekly community token distributions don't get attacked by bots.

Recently, there has been an update that makes working with the bot much easier. Previously, a first-time user had to scour the internet to find a BrightID app that would sponsor them. Quite a technical challenge, but now all of this is handled automatically by the bot behind the scenes. The bot can sponsor users on behalf of Discord servers.

At the time of writing, there are around 11,000 humans verified within Discord communities that can use their unique "Human" quality. Do you want to use the bot for your community? Contact the lead developer, Victor, for more information.

BrightID Discord Praise

Just a few days ago, we started using Praise in our BrightID Discord community. Praise is a community system that promotes active participation and collaboration through peer recognition and rewards. Users can send Praise to each other to recognize and reward contributions.

By listening to what the community values and involving members every step of the way, Praise allows bottom-up value systems to emerge. This bottom-up approach helps ensure that the community remains engaged.

For now, we are just trying to get a feel for it and do not have specific goals yet. We are letting the data get collected and are building a culture of acknowledging and encouraging contributions. If you are a member of our Discord, go give it a try. Activate Praise and praise someone for some work they have done! Or, do something for the community and get praised.

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