BrightID update November 2022

BrightID Update

It has been a busy month for the devs. They have been hard at work on the Unitap app and the Aura game. It is still in the works so no details in this update yet. But stay tuned for December and January. It’s worth the wait. Other than that the round for Latin America has successfully used BrightID with Blind Signatures. And many CLR contributors have used the Unitap Gas faucet to get their first Arbitrum Eth to pay for gas costs.

Best ever round

The round for Latin America following ETHColombia has run this month for fourteen days. Almost 5.944 people contributed close to 35.000 DAI to the participating projects. Together with the matching pool of 257.000, there will be 292.000 DAI distributed to the participating projects. Altogether a big success. By now the results of the quadratic voting are in. You can see the results in the CLR fund leaderboard. and Blind Signatures

To prevent participants gaming the results, makes use of BrightID. Every participant must have been BrightID verified, just like in earlier rounds. New this time is that is one of the first projects that made use of Blind Signatures. This is primarily a privacy improvement. Even if an app creator is also a node operator, they can no longer figure out the BrightIDs of app users.

This was a big test for the Blind Signatures. We had to quickly slash some minor bugs, but overall it went smoothly. Almost 6000 people took part in the round. So naturally, all of them managed to get verified. and Unitap

To keep transaction costs down for donors used the Arbitrum network for transactions. This was new for many people. To get started many of them used the Unitap Gas faucet to get a bit of Arbitrum Eth to pay for gas costs. Very handy. We don’t know exactly how many people used the Gas tap, but it must have been hundreds, if not thousands.

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