BrightID update December 2023

BrightID Update

This time, we have good news regarding some matching rounds and the progress of Aura, the innovative verification method for BrightID.

Gitcoin Round & Giveth

BrightID participated in Gitcoin Round 19, utilizing the Public Goods Network for the first time. Despite this new addition, your generosity prevailed, resulting in a substantial funding amount of $4,601 from 3429 donors. This achievement places us at an impressive 12th position in the Web3 Open Source Software round. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all donors for their contributions. We highly value your support. The final total after matching amounts to the nice figure $10K. In this round, our sister project, Unitap, also secured funding in the Web3 Communication and Education category.

If you missed the round, fret not! Giveth is hosting a "Giving Season" quadratic funding round on Optimism from December 19th, 2023, to January 2nd, 2024. Your donations during this period are sincerely welcomed. A notable benefit of participating in Giveth rounds is that you receive GIVbacks for supporting verified projects like BrightID. Explore more at:

Progress on AURA

Significant strides are being made in the development of Aura, one of the pioneering "super-apps" constructed on the BrightID infrastructure. The upcoming Version 3 represents a comprehensive overhaul, contributing to a longer development timeline. However, we anticipate the official launch of Aura Version 3 in 2024. Concurrently, we are diligently working on user documentation to ensure a seamless experience.

As we head into 2024, the BrightID team is well-prepared for a promising year. We sincerely hope the same for all our supporters. Wishing you all the best in 2024 from the BrightID team!

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