Monthly update August 2023


BrightID project participated in Gitcoin’s most recent round and raised almost $9000 ($8837) from nearly 6000 donors. Thanks to your help, the project will be able to secure a significant matching contribution.

Miss the round? Prepare for the next Gitcoin Grants round by obtaining a Gitcoin Passport score of 20 or more.

Unitap Token Tap

The project’s ecosystem partner Unitap recently released Token Tap, where you can claim various tokens. Currently there are 3 offerings; $Bright, the governance token of BrightDAO, $SONG, the fractionalized governance token of SongADAO, and Bitcoin on the Lightning Network, a popular L2. You will need the “Meets” verification, and there are a limited number of claims, so be sure to claim as early as possible.

Revamped BrightID Discord

We have revamped the project’s Discord onboarding experience for you to receive help in your native language faster. We are now using BrightID with more intent than ever to secure the public space from bots and scammers. As well we have made it easier to report a lost BrightID within it. Join the project’s public space today!


Strides are being made on Aura development. More on that on the next month’s update.

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