BrightID update May / June

BrightID Update

This time, we have a bimonthly update on BrightID, featuring some matching rounds, an AMA on Praise, new instructional videos, additional networks on Unitap, and an informative article on funding the Commons.

Gitcoin and

BrightID participated in the Gitcoin Beta round in May and received a generous amount of funding ($8,547). Additionally, the new BrightID verification method, Aura, and our sister project, Unitap, also received some funding this time.

Did you miss the round? No worries, has just started a new matching round, running until mid-July. You can donate to BrightID here. Or support Unitap with a small donation.
Remember, you need to be BrightID verified to donate. This ensures that's matching funds are distributed fairly.

BrightID AMA on Praise

We have been using Praise in our Discord server for some time now. It's been time for an AMA on the Praise project with Kristofer Lund, co-founder of the Praise project, who will explain the system to us. Decentralization often faces coordination problems, but Praise aims to give communities their shared memory back. It allows community members to praise each other's contributions, which helps track actual contributions and makes it a valuable tool for community building. If you want to learn more, check out the YouTube recording of the AMA and follow Praise on Twitter.

BrightID Instructional Videos

Our team is working on a series of videos that explain all the details of using the BrightID app. We already have an introduction video on our YouTube channel. Now, we have added a video on how to get started with BrightID and a video on social recovery in case you lose access to your BrightID account. We hope you find them useful.

Unitap Networks and Learntap

The Unitap Gas tap has added a few networks. You can now claim $ZETA, $KCS, and $SOL. Additionally, the team is making good progress on the Learntap project, collaborating with NoFunZone. Listen to one of their weekly spaces mentioning Learntap here.

Funding the Commons

We conclude this update with a topic that keeps many DAO members awake at night: How to fund the commons? BrightID founder Adam Stallard has written an interesting article about "Upfront funding for the commons." As commons don't have an investor class that holds rights to its income, their financing differs from traditional investing. In this article, he provides a comprehensive overview of strategies for commons to acquire upfront funding to become operational.

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