BrightID update October 2022

BrightID update

In October, team members visited Devcon Bogotá. BrightID soulbound tokens are now improved with blind signatures. Panvala has new stamps and a new funding round will start soon. Make sure to have your verified BrightID ready for it. We're getting closer to completing Aura, so watch out for a preview coming soon. And in the last AMA of the month we had special guests Samuel del Real and Andrew Kline from DoinGud.

Devcon Bogotá

BrightID team members Carlos and Victor had a great time at Devcon Bogotá. They were blown away by the immense amount of activity that was going on. The developments around Layer2 seem to be gaining more and more momentum especially . And not to forget, they connected with many people they met in the BrightID app to improve everyone’s verification. If you missed them, it’s a pity, but you can still go to any one of our connection parties.

BrightID Soulbound blind signatures

There is a new version out for BrightID Soulbound tokens that uses blind signatures. This is primarily a privacy improvement. It used to be that if that an app creator was also a node operator, they could figure out the BrightIDs of app users. Now that blind signatures are implemented, it is no longer possible.

SongaDAO will be the first to use the new version with blind signatures for distributing their unique soulbound profile pictures to SongaDAO members. To celebrate the first minting SongaDAO will be throwing a minting party on November 1st at 12 PM pacific time. If you are a SongaDAO voting member join the Discord minting party. If not, keep an eye on Songaday anyway. It will be fantastic.

New Panvala Stamps

Panvala has partnered with Logos and GenerousAF to offer new Stamps. Once you complete the action(s) required to collect these stamps, you can choose the community you want to redeem your stamp. When you redeem your Panvala Stamp with BrightID, you can keep the fabulous NFT Stamp as a collectible item, and BrightID will receive the funding value. Very nice! Just recently, we were in the top 5 of the Panvala Community Leaderboard.

New round

Projects are in for the next funding round. Soon the approved projects will be listed. By the end of the month, you can vote for your favorite projects by donating a small amount. Your contribution will be quadratically matched to ensure the fund allocation aligns with the community's preference. implements some reasonable measures to keep individual contributions private and limit the effectiveness of collusion and bribery. Under the hood, they make use of zero-knowledge proofs. And to ensure that every contributor is a unique person uses BrightID. So, make sure you are BrightID verified so that you can participate.

The AURA game

Soon BrightID verification will be leveling up with the AURA game. AURA is specifically designed to combat Sybils. At the heart of the app is an energy flow. When you get an energy stream from a BrightID connection, you distribute it among your contacts. The idea is that you send the most energy to your most reliable connections. The flow patterns that emerge in the network can be used to discover Sybils. All this while keeping your personal information private. Stay tuned on Twitter, as well as check out next month’s update for more details on how to start playing the Sybil hunt AURA game.

BrightID AMA with DoinGud

Samuel del Real and Andrew Kline from DoinGud chatted with us about the DoinGud NFT marketplace and how it is empowering communities to do good with their Impact Protocol. They have been running for about a year now with a first seed cohort of members. It’s now time to scale up and work towards a DAO structure with quadratic funding and quadratic voting. Currently, they are talking to value-aligned projects like BrightID. If you want to now more, listen to the AMA on our Youtube channel.

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