BrightID update December 2022

BrightID update

Traditionally, the holiday season is a time for giving. That's why this month we're focusing on the "Future of Giving". Check out the BrightID project page on Giveth and boost our project with your GIVpower.

The GIVeconomy: Earn While You Give

Are you familiar with the Giveth project? It's a revolutionary platform that allows you to donate to over a thousand projects and get rewarded with GIV tokens in return. But that's just the start - the GIV you hold also grants you voting power in the GIVgarden, giving you a say in the governance of the GIVeconomy. And if you stake your GIV, you can earn even more GIV.

Staking for GIVpower

Giveth recently announced the introduction of GIVpower. By staking your GIV tokens, you can earn GIVpower, which you can then use to support the projects you're passionate about. Right now, the BrightID project is ranked #11 in terms of GIVpower - let's see if we can make it into the top 10 with your help!

As we look towards a promising new year, we hope you'll join us in supporting Giveth and all the amazing projects on the platform. Happy 2023 from the BrightID team!

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