BrightID update January 2023

BrightID update

The new year started with a splash. The Unitap VIP pass for early adopters has been launched, and BrightID is participating in the Gitcoin Alpha round for open-source software.

Unitap Pass

This month, Unitap has outdone itself with the launch of the Unitap Pass - a VIP pass for early adopters! By purchasing a Unitap Pass, you'll be showing your support for the innovative work that has been done on Unitap, and you'll also be unlocking exclusive benefits for pass holders.

As Unitap continues to grow and add more taps and features, the value of your Unitap Pass will only increase. The first concrete benefit is the upcoming Prize Tap, where each Unitap Pass you hold will give you a boost in your chances of winning in all future Prize Taps.

At the time of writing, the first batch of 100 passes is sold out. If you missed out, don't worry - by the time you read this the second batch is probably already launched. So you'll have another chance to jump on board.

Gitcoin Alpha Round

The current Gitcoin Alpha round combines three of the most contributed-to earlier rounds: Open Source Software, Ethereum Infrastructure, and Climate Solutions. BrightID is participating in the Open Source Software round, along with 88 other grantees. You can support our project by making a small contribution. The more individuals who contribute, the larger share of the matching pool will be allocated to our project through the quadratic funding mechanism.

To optimize the effectiveness of your donation, ensure that you create your Gitcoin Passport. Please note you can also use your BrightID as one of the verification stamps on the platform.

As of now, BrightID is performing well with over 3000 unique donors. You can view the statistics on Dune. If you are reading this before the end of the round (31st of January), please consider contributing to our project to increase our matching rate.

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