BrightID update April 2023

BrightID update

We're excited to announce that BrightID is taking part in the new Gitcoin beta round! We also have a new schedule for our AMAs. Here's what you need to know:

Gitcoin Program Beta Round

The latest Gitcoin Beta round runs from April 25th to May 9th and includes six core rounds. In addition to the Open Source Software, Ethereum Infrastructure, and Climate Solutions rounds from the Alpha round, there are now Web 3 Communication & Education, ZKtech rounds, and a DEI round for projects with inclusive teams.

BrightID is participating in the Web3 Open Source Software round. Check it out here and consider making a donation. Every small contribution counts!

If you'd like to do more, consider supporting Aura in the Sybil Resistance round. Aura is our new verification method in development, which will help us identify unique humans even better.

You can also support our sister project Unitap in the Web3 Education and Communication round. Unitap makes extensive use of BrightID for their Gas tap, and they're expanding their system with a Learn tap, Token tap, and Prize tap to become a full-service onboarding tool for networks and communities.

To make your donation as effective as possible, please create your Gitcoin Passport. Note that you can also use your BrightID as one of the verification stamps on the platform.

BrightID AMA Schedule

Please note that the regular BrightID AMA has a new schedule. It now takes place on the second Thursday of the month on a specific topic, sometimes with a special guest. On the fourth Thursday of the month, it will be a general AMA. Follow us on Discord or Twitter to receive the registration link for the next AMAs. They always start at 18:00 UTC. The next AMAs in May will be on Thursday, May 11th, and Thursday, May 25th. We hope to see you there!

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